Pike & Fischer, Inc.

Pike & Fischer specializes in administrative law, maritime law, DC legal practice, and criminal law.  Pike and Fischer is a subsidiary of BNA.  The bulk of the products, whether in print or database/software, concern administrative law practice.

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Phone: 1-800-255-8131 / 301-562-1530
Fax:   301-562-1521
Email: customercare@pf.com
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AdLaw Bulletin
Administrative Law, Third Series
Advisory Services
Audio Conferences
Broadband Advisory Services
Broadband Daily
Broadcast Regulation
Cable TV Regulation
Communications Environmental & Land Use Law Report (CELULR)
Communications Regulation
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Special Tenth Anniversary Edition
District of Columbia Rules and Citations
Federal Aviation Administration Rules (14 CFR)
Federal Communications Commission Rules (47 CFR)
Federal Courts of Special Jurisdiction
Federal Transportation Rules (CFR 49)
Fertilizer Directory 2000
Fiber Optic Telecommunications Networks: Construction Contracts
Fiber Optic Telecommunications Networks: Fiber Use Agreements
FR Today
FR Today - Fertilizer & Ag Chemical Alerts
Green Markets: Fertilizer News, Pricing, Regulation and Supply Chain
Green Markets Advisory Services
Green Markets Breaking News Alerts
Green Markets Dealer Report
Green Markets Historical Pricing
Internet Law & Regulation
Market Research
Maryland Court Rules and Attorney General Opinions
Pennsylvania Court Rules
Patent, Trademark and Copyright Rules Service
Private Radio Regulation
Rules Service
Shipping Regulation
Telecom Law Report
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 Law & Legislative History
Wireless Telecommunications Regulation

Targeted Customer(s):

Practice Areas:
Administrative Law
Communications Business Intelligence
Communications Law & Regulation
Court & Agency Rules
Fertilizer & Ag Chemical
Internet Law
Litigation, Discovery & Records Management
Patent & Trademark
Transportation Law & Regulation

Geographic Coverage:
United States

Specialty coverage:
Administrative law
Communications law
Criminal law
Ocean shipping regulations

Print, Database, and Software


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