Juris Publishing, Inc.

Juris Publishing, Inc. is a small legal publishing company that primarily publishes legal reference books, subject specific books (i.e., hornbooks), and practice books (e.g., Doing Business series-provides a legal overview and advice for business practices in foreign countries).  Juris Publishing, Inc. also has several subsidiary companies that focus on presentations/conferences (i.e., Juris Conferences, LLC) and arbitration (JurisNet, LLC).   This company also has a partnership with LexisNexis for the LexisNexis International Arbitration database, which is powered by Juris.

Contact Information:  
Phone: (631) 351-5430
Fax:   (631) 351-5712
Customer Service: (631) 350-2100
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Doing Business series: this publishing series consists of books that provide a legal overview and advice on business practices in foreign countries (e.g., Doing Business in China)

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Juris Publishing's products primarily focus on United States and International Law (primary focus: international   law).

Specialty coverage:
International Arbitration

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Books, E-Books (PDF), Electronic Journal Articles


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